Sleep Center 3

The Sleep Center 3


A three-function hospital grade bed that is fully adjustable and easy to control. With an independent head, foot and hi-low adjustability which rises up 10 inches and the lowest setting is approximately 22 inches from the top of mattress to the floor, this easy-to-use hand control allows you to find the perfect sleeping position.

The Sleep Center 3 comes standard with a powder coat finish on the deck and trim making it easy to keep clean and the five-inch swivel lock casters make it a breeze to move when you want to and stay put when you don't. The Sleep Center 3 has safety thermal overload protected motors to keep you safe, plus the electronics and motors have easy-to-service modular connections if the bed ever needs repair. The sleek, comfortable design of this fully adjustable bed emphasizes a "fine-furniture look" and creates a more warm and inviting atmosphere. The Sleep Center 5 is the perfect electric bed for maternity wards, sleep centers and bariatric clinics.